Powering Change

What is Powering Change?

Powering change is designed and built by the staff and students at Brigidine College Randwick in collaboration with Power Tracker. The project's mission is to illustrate and analyse the school’s electricity consumption and the impact this has on our planet. Through this project we hope to reduce our energy consumption and learn more about how our consumer choices can create positive change. As we strive to reduce our negative impact on earth. We also seek to better connect with it and the those living on it, creating a better world today and for future generations.

How does the project work?

The project works in two ways.The website shows how much electricity we – as a school – are using daily, and how much of it is converted into Carbon Dioxide.

This allows us to help achieve our current goal of reducing our annual Carbon footprint by 5%. We will use our total emissions from 2016 as a baseline to compare our progress. There are a whole lot of things you can do to help! Check out the ‘Task List’ when you register for a range of actions you can take at school and home.

Secondly, students will be competing with other students from different year groups to see how many of these actions they can complete. For each action achieved, you will be rewarded points or ‘leaves’. These go to helping grow your own Avatar tree and the college’s avatar tree. The harder the challenge, the more points you get. Everyone will be able to see who has completed what tasks and who may need a little help. You will even be able to see what your teachers have done. We want to get to a combined total of 10,000 leaves by the end of the semester.